Here is how we are going to release all AD products.

We will be doing Beta testing with selected customers.

The Summing mixer example will show just how products will be sold by Analog Domain Inc.

The summing mixer pre sales have been swift. And I am sold out for the first run.

We are only going to release 15 units for user testing.

10 have already been sold and have a user agreement of un filtered comments and experience from the users perspective to be directly posted on the web site.

5 of the units will be on 6 month loan to 5 top current recording engineers and producers with the same user agreement of posting their use of the mixer.

Of coarse I think it is the best thing to come since the invention of the Bikini ! But I just do not want you to base your decision on just my opinion so we are going to have direct feedback from users. Real professional producers and engineers with grammy's on the shelf.

3 of the systems are going to have a prototype of our automation system to get user impressions as well.

All systems will be shipping with the 8 channel mic pre rack.

* Note

US customers only until we get type accepted.

We are in the process of getting the proper type acceptance done for international sales as soon as we can and have started the process.

Please email us with any questions.

We are working on the on-line catalog and plan to launch it before 2016.



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