Guitar Re-Amp set up.

Here is how it works..

The small box to the right is what we call the "To track Box"

You plug your guitar or bass in the front jack. On the rear there is an XLR as well as a TT jack that you plug into your mic pre on your console or a rack gear mic pre. From there you record it to a track on your recorder.

The two larger boxes are what we call "From track Box"

From your recording device you send the signal to the xlr on the back at +4 - +9 db

On the front you use the 1/4 " jack to plug into your GTR amp. The little switch allows you to make sure the right impendence is on the input of the guitar amp. 4 positions 1. single coil 2. soap box. 3. Humbucker and 4. Active.

There is also a gain knob to set up the amount of drive desired.

Then any time you want to try a different guitar sound or amp the performance and GTR pick up sound is on tape!

The system ships with two "From track Box" so you can play with multiple amps!

It is also hand in the fact that you can track inside the control room and have the amp in the main room with NO compromise!

I spent many years refining this system and the real test is this:

When you plug your guitar straight into the amp and play it there is no difference in the sound when using this system!

I have used it on many Gold and Platinum records.

The secret is the custom transformers hand wound here at Analog Domain that create an ideal bridging impendence throughout the entire system.

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