The birth of the summing mixer

This all started because I was asked to do some music for a cable TV program.

I began to produce and record it on a pro tools system and boy did I hate working that way.

I owned many classic recording consoles and when I was at the warehouse I was standing in front of my all time favorite desk and it occurs to me as I looked at this huge monster that I will never have a place to set up something that big and hard to move ever again. I still could not bring myself to sell her so after thinking about it for sometime I decided to take on a project to bring it into the modern world and make it portable. This was no small feet. I redesigned many things I never liked about the console and before I knew it I was sitting in front of the most amazing console I have ever used.

One of the things that came out of it was a new monitor section. All designed from the ground up.

They where clones of the A-Range Trident monitor with a lot of updated functions I always was fond of.

I found that I was getting stunning mixes right off the monitor section.

As I was sitting with a good friend one day listening to the console he said "I would love to just have a board with those monitors" A light came on and I agreed to build him a 16 channel version for his own use and the feedback was beyond my dreams.

So I made all the parts to produce them and never got to it.

That has all changed and I am ramping up for full production of the unit.

Above is a photo of my personal console I built and if you click HERE it will take you to the building of that console

Here is how we are going to release all AD products.

The summing mixer pre sales have been swift. And I am sold out for the first run.

We are only going to release 15 units for user testing.

10 have already been sold and have a user agreement of un filtered comments and experience from the users perspective to be directly posted on the web site.

5 of the units will be on 6 month loan to 5 top current recording engineers and producers with the same user agreement of posting their use of the mixer.

Of coarse I think it is the best thing to come since the invention of the Bikini ! But I just do not want you to base your decision on just my opinion so we are going to have direct feedback from users. Real professional producers and engineers with grammy's on the shelf.

Three of the systems are going to have a prototype of our new automation system to get user impressions as well.

Six of the systems will be shipping with two each of our new EQ's and the new ALL-A-Board racking system.

All systems will be shipping with the 8 channel mic pre rack.


* Note

US customers only until we get type accepted.

We are in the process of getting the proper type acceptance done for international sales as soon as we can and have started the process.

Please email us with any questions.




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